Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage

Linda Bell SFCA ISAP





Linda Bell is an award winning Canadian artist who works primarily in Mixed Media including Acrylic Collage.  Her paintings can be found in private collections across Canada and the USA. Some of her work  also appears in TV series, advertisements and movie productions filmed in British Columbia. She was awarded  signature status (SFCA) with the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) in 2022 and achieved signature status with the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) in 2017.  Several of her works have appeared in publications including Incite 3,The Best of Mixed Media and in AcrylicWorks 4, Captivating Color.

Artists Statement

I have been painting off and on for a number of years, starting with watercolors when my children were small. Over the years I have gravitated to using acrylics and a mixed media approach which I find allows me more flexibility. Since I retired from a career in nursing and Health Care Administration, having the freedom and privilege to do what I want,when I want and to enjoy what I am doing has become central to the way I choose to live my life. Working with mixed media, playing with abstraction and new materials is liberating and allows me to keep the "fun" in painting. 

I love playing with shapes, pattern, colour, line and perspective. The process of painting has become as important to me as the outcome, I can get lost in it for hours. It makes me happy seeing the response others have to my paintings. My goal is to have people stop and be intrigued by something about the painting whether it is the texture, pattern, content, the painting name or the story behind it.  I also like injecting a little whimsy or humor into a painting and love it when it makes someone laugh. 


Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) Senior Signature Status (SFCA) 2022

 International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) Signature Status ( Organization now dissolved) 










FCA 2023 Natures Trust of BC - Honourable Mention Award 

FCA 2023 Shape and Form Show 2023- First Place Award 

FCA 2022 Senior Signature Status 

FCA 2022 Shape and Form Third Place Award

FCA NOW Exhibition 2021 Honourable Mention Award

FCA On the Edge 2021 Honourable Mention Award 

FCA Abstracted Show 2021 Honourable Mention Award 

FCA Concept Show 2020 - First Place Award

FCA Shape and Form Show 2019 - Second Place Award

ISAP 10th Annual Open International Online Show - 4th Place Award

FCA Bloom Show 2019 - Second Place Award 

ISAP 3rd Annual Members Online Show 2018 - Honourable Mention Award 

SDAG Oil and Water 2018 - Honourable Mention Award

SDAG Oil and Water 2017 - Honourable Mention Award

ISAP 2017 - Signature Status

FCA Flowers and Foliage 2016 - First Place Award 

SDAG Oil and Water 2016 - Artistic Achievement Award 

FCA Abstract Show 2015 - Second Place Award 

SDAG Oil and Water 2015 - Award of Excellence

SDAG Oil and Water 2014 - Award of Excellence (2nd Place)

FCA 365 Online Gallery 2014 - Honorable Mention

FCA 2014 - Signature Status 

FCA Autumn Salon - Award of Excellence 

CFAI  May 2013 -  Honourable Mention

CFAI Winter 2013 - Second Place Award 

FCA Abstract 2013 - Third Place Award 

CFAI November 2012- Honourable Mention 

CFAI October 2012 - Honourable Mention

FCA Still Life 2012 - First Place Award 

CFAI May 2012 - Honourable Mention 

Art Spacific 2012 - Honourable Mention 

FCA Blossoms 2012 - Third Place Award 

SDAG Oil and Water 2011 - Artistic Achievement Award 

Semiahmoo Arts 2010 - Second Place Award 

SDAG Oil and Water 2006 - Award of Merit 

West Vancouver (1996 - 2002) - 2 Juror's Choice Awards, 4 Honourable Mentions 


JURIED SHOWS Accepted in:


FCA Shows: Shape and Form, Signature Invitational Show, On the Edge, Abstracted, Signature Show  SDAG Oil and Water Show, FCA Natures Trust Show


FCA Shows: Artists Choice, Shape and Form 


FCA Shows: Abstracted, 365 Online Calendar Show, Signature Metal Show, On the Edge, NOW 


FCA Shows: Abstracted, Muse, Social Distancing Show,Shape and Form, Concept,Signature Metal Award Show, 10 squared. 


FCA Shows:Artists Choice, Canvas Unbound, Bloom, Reto online show, ISEA On line show, ISAP 10th Annual Online Show, SDAG Oil and Water, Painting on the Edge (FCA), Limitless Online Show (FCA),Shape and Form (FCA),FCA 2019 Signature Metal Award Show


Ferry Building West Vancouver Solo Show "Mixing It Up" 

FCA Shows: Canvas Unbound, Abstracted, SDAG Oil and Water Show


SDAG Oil and Water, ISAP Online Show, FCA shows: Artists Choice Show, Canvas Unbound Show, Abstract Show, Bloom Show, Mix, AFCA Metal Show. 


FCA Shows: Artists Choice, Abstract Show, Foliage and Flowers, Painting by Numbers, 75th Anniversary Show, Signature Metal Show, SDAG Oil and Water Sho

Ferry Building West Vancouver 2 person Show "Bold Abstracts"


FCA Shows: Artists Choice, Abstract Show, Painting on the Edge, Painting by Numbers, Muse, Signature Metal Show, SDAG Oil and Water. 


Ferry Building Juror's Choice Show, FCA Shows: Artists Choice, Success, Canvas Unbound, Summer Gallery, Spilsbury Metal Show, SDAG Oil and Water Show. 


FCA Shows: Abstract Show, Works on Paper, Landscapes Show, Still Life Show, Canvas Unbound, Autumn Salon, Artists Choice, Small, Smaller and Smallest's, CFAI Winter online Show, SDAG Oil and Water. 


FCA Shows: Blossoms, Still Life Show, Autumn Salon, ISAP Online Show, Art Spacific

Participation in Shows prior to 2012

SDAG Oil and Water Shows, White Rock Arts Council Solo Show (2010), Ferry Building Shows (1999, 2003), Euphorbia White Rock Artists Guild Show, West Vancouver Sketch Club Semiannual Shows 1995 to 2002.