Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


Under each painting is an item that you can click on that says "Inquire aout this work". It is however nice to know what the general price range is so I have listed an average range for small, medium and large sizes below. The price of a painting is determined not only by the size but also if it is framed and the type of frame that is used. If a painting has been in my inventory for a period of time it may also cost less as the prices on my paintings are readjusted slightly every year. 


Small paintings - range from $112.00 to $604..00 

Medium paintings - range from $624 to $1,404

Large paintings range from $1,500to $2,200



I live in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada and exhibit my work in shows at the Federation of Canadian Artists on Granville Island as well as some one time shows at various locations which will be announced from time to time in my Events section. Some of my work is also at AION Art Gallery, Awen Art Galley (see links page). At this point I do not ship large paintings to other countries. Please contact me if you are interested in buying a painting to discuss payment and to make arrangements for delivery. Also if you are interested in knowing when my art will be in a show please check the events section or add yourself to my mailing list.   Thank you