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(posted on 24 Mar 2018)

I added a new gallery to my website called "From My Travels". I was inspired to do that as I have recently painted a couple of scenes from my trip to France and Italy last fall. In addition I came across a photo of a Kudu that I took in Africa several years a go and used it as basis for another painting. When I uploaded these paintings I wasn't sure which one of my galleries they fit best in as they could be of a variety of content areas from landscapes to people or animals.  So I selected a number of previous paintings from "my travels" added  my 3 new paintings and created this new gallery. Hopefully I will keep adding to it with new paintings. 


(posted on 10 Mar 2018)

Check out the Abstracted Show at the FCA at 

My painting called "Ancient Letters "was selected for this show. 

The following painting was selected to be included in the upcoming Canvas Unbound Show at the FCA 

Copper Moon Mixed Media on Canvas 30" x 30" 

(posted on 28 Dec 2017)



Once again it is already the end of this year and 2018 starts in a few days - time is just whizzing by.  I looked back through my blog and realized that I started my website 5 years ago in December and sent out my first e-mail to the few people on my distribution list at that time.  The other reminder of time passing is my wonderful one year old granddaughter. Watching the changes that occur in a baby in one short year is truly amazing.

This year I have not been terribly diligent in keeping my blog up and true to my promise at the beginning of this year I have not sent out a bunch of e-mails -- this is only my 3rd, the last one being in June. My painting time has also been a bit sporadic but I have had my work accepted into a number of FCA (Federation of Canadian Artist) shows over the year (see the events section) and also had another painting accepted by ISAP (International Society of Acrylic Painters) which resulted in my receiving Signature Status with that organization which was unexpected but great.   

This fall I was lucky enough to go to southern France and Italy and as I like to brag - I worked on perfecting the art of sitting in cafes with a glass of wine and watching the world go by. I  did manage to take some photo's along the way so maybe a few city/landscapes will show up in my work in the coming year. I  also added paintings to a few new galleries in the lower mainland. Check out my links section for the addition of the Awen Art Gallery in Richmond and the Little Cricket Gallery in Maple Ridge. 


Workshop In South Delta - "Moving Toward Abstraction"

At the end of April I will be giving a 2 day Workshop at the SDAG (South Delta Artists Guild). The title of the workshop is "Moving Toward Abstraction". Dates are April 21 and 22nd. I am no longer a member of this Guild but I think accessing their workshops is one of the best "deals in town". They have their own workshop space, the registration fees in comparison are very  low and they have members who help out at the workshops (sometimes even home baking is provided !). There is however a limit of 12 participants for the this workshop. Information has already been posted on the SDAG website. Click on the workshop and the description and registration information will pop up.  Hope to see some of you there. 

Ferry Building Gallery Show in West Vancouver June 26 to July 16

I was thrilled to be chosen for a solo show at the Ferry Building in the Spring/Summer of 2018.  It is my favourite venue and I have participated in several group shows there in the past but having a solo show, while exciting, is also a bit intimidating.  I will be sending more reminders during the spring including the date of the reception and more information about the exhibition. Those of you that live on or know the North Shore are aware of the lovely location of the Ferry Building on the waterfront in Ambleside. The weather should be great at that time of year. 

Below is one the paintings that was in the Mixed Media Show at the FCA Gallery.

The Title is " Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries"

Thats all for now - Wishing you all a wonderful 2018



(posted on 13 Sep 2017)

Just received notification that 2 of my paintings were accepted into this FCA exhibition that runs from September 28 to October 8th. 


(posted on 11 Sep 2017)

Please click on REPRESENTATION and Links to connect to the new website for this Gallery. Click on Artists to find my "mini gallery" 

(posted on 31 Aug 2017)

I just took 10 of my paintings into a furniture store in Richmond. I am quite excited as there are a number of artists participating with each artist having a "mini gallery" coordinated with furniture groupings. The mini galleries are in the process of being setup and a website for the art is in development. As soon as the website is up I will add the link and provide more information.  Below is one of the photo's taken of my paintings with a furniture grouping. 


(posted on 3 Jun 2017)

Looking back I was somewhat surprised to realize that it has been 5 months since I last sent out an e mail to those of you on my mailing list. At that time in January we were in the midst of that long cold wet winter -- happily the sunshine and warmer weather is back. On a personal level it has been an interesting year so far with the highlight being that I have a lovely 5 month old granddaughter. I am also happy to report that my shoulder seems to be healing and so I hope to get back to painting more.

My intent in January was to take some "time out" and do some more experimenting and to take a couple of art courses myself. I did take a fabulous course on abstracting figures on line. I have not done an online course before but the theory part of the course was great and course participants, from literally across the world, were joined together on Facebook. I throughly enjoyed it and even though I don't paint in oils I found the concepts and examples very helpful. In fact I recently had 4 of my figure paintings accepted into the South Delta Artists Guild "Oil and Water Show" including one called "Tulips and Geisha" (see below) which won and Honourable Mention Award. The Oil and Water Show is on till Saturday June 24 and I would encourage you to go and see it. There are over 80 terrific paintings which encompass a variety of different media and styles. Check out the information at

I had a number of paintings accepted into the Gallery shows at the FCA on Granville Island over the winter and spring. I have also added several paintings to the inventory at the AION Gallery which rents out art to film productions in BC and have placed a few paintings at the Little Cricket Gallery in Maple Ridge.

Two other accomplishments include having one of my paintings called "Flower Power" accepted in the 8th International Association of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) on line show. Last month I also received my copy of the publication " Acrylicworks 4, Captivating Color" which includes one of my works.

So thats the latest for now. I have no idea what the rest of the year will bring but I continue to feel very fortunate to be part of the artist community and have painting as part of my life.

(posted on 1 May 2017)

I have continued with experimenting with abstracted figures and here are the last 4 paintings I have done. Three of the four paintings below were done on cradled wood panel which is working better for the collage. On the painting Butterfly girl I have finished the painting with a poured self levelling gel and a cold wax application. I recently went to a workshop in Seattle at Lynn Hanson gallery given by Pamela Beer. It was fun and finishing a painting this way was one of the things I learned.

As I look at the paintings below I was suddenly aware of my colour choices -- seem to be in a red and blue phase.

(posted on 20 Apr 2017)

I was just notified that Acrylicworks 4 has been published and will be available by the end of this month. One of my paintings called "The Spotted Cow" has been included in this publication. My copy of the book is on its way and I am looking forward to seeing all the paintings in it. The cover photo and my painting are below.

I also had my painting "Flower Power" accepted in the International Association Of Acrylic Painters.

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