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Mixed Media and Collage


(posted on 24 Mar 2019)

I have always liked the idea of doing a series but never got around to planning for this but as I completed this last painting I realized that even though the subject matters have been different the themes that run through the last several paintings are geometric shapes and colour. I love wonky shapes and right now teal, Indian yellow and a touch of red are dominating. Along with white/cream and black make wonderful mixes of grey. So perhaps my repeated use of these shapes and colours constitute a series. 

My latest painting below is called Bounce (36"x 48")

Others in this Series




(posted on 15 Mar 2019)

I love playing with Shapes, Colours and Line - in fact one of my recent paintings is called Playing with Shapes and Colours. The 2 paintings below have all 3 of these elements in common. 


(posted on 3 Feb 2019)

I finally finished this painting of a Cougar done in the same style as other recent paintings. This one was a bit of a struggle for some reason and it took me a while to get it to this point. There is something more intense about this cat and I am hoping a more descriptive name than cougar springs to mind.

This painting is part of the ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists) on line show.

(posted on 28 Jan 2019)

I am very pleased that I have had paintings accepted into 3 FCA shows. (see show dates in the Events section)

Mellow Fellow was accepted into the Artists' Choice Show

Back to the 50's was accepted into the Retro Online Show 

What a Hoot was accepted into the Canvas Unbound Show



(posted on 29 Dec 2018)

Wishing You a Healthy Peaceful New Year filled with Joy. 

A little Whimsy - this guy is called "Mellow Fellow"

Just received a notice that my painting "What a Hoot" was accepted for a online show with the International Society of Acrylic Painters. I will include a link once the show is posted. 

Woo hoo - I had just posted this when I received another notification that I received an Honourable Mention for this painting. 

Notice from ISAP -71 paintings were accepted out of 188. 12 paintings were selected for awards.  You can view the show here.



(posted on 23 Nov 2018)

I have painted very little over the last several months for a variety of reasons and have found it difficult to get going again.  How do you motivate yourself overcome the inertia that develops? One of the ways that I have tried and found helpful is to take a painting that is "done" that I am not completely satisfied with paint over it - retaining some of the parts of the "old" painting but making it new. For some reasons I find this freeing likely because I feel I have nothing to lose. Below are a couple of paintings that have undergone this transition. 

The first painting has undergone three transitions


Just 2 transitions for the painting below (so far) - you just never know



(posted on 7 Nov 2018)

This painting is in the current show at the FCA Gallery on Granville Island. 

(posted on 12 Sep 2018)

Sometimes I find after looking at a painting, some older and some newer I get the urge to make some revisions. The beauty of painting with acrylics it that it is often possible to make changes to existing paintings. I liked some of the design and the colours in the painting called " The shape of things to Come"  (see below) but felt it called for a bit of a change. In the second photo I have turned the painting around and added a still life that I have tried to integrate into the abstraction. 



(posted on 24 Jul 2018)

Did a couple of new paintings - both painted over old paintings with a small parts of the original paintings showing through. 


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