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(posted on 28 Jan 2019)

I am very pleased that I have had paintings accepted into 3 FCA shows. (see show dates in the Events section)

Mellow Fellow was accepted into the Artists' Choice Show

Back to the 50's was accepted into the Retro Online Show 

What a Hoot was accepted into the Canvas Unbound Show



(posted on 29 Dec 2018)

Wishing You a Healthy Peaceful New Year filled with Joy. 

A little Whimsy - this guy is called "Mellow Fellow"

Just received a notice that my painting "What a Hoot" was accepted for a online show with the International Society of Acrylic Painters. I will include a link once the show is posted. 

Woo hoo - I had just posted this when I received another notification that I received an Honourable Mention for this painting. 

Notice from ISAP -71 paintings were accepted out of 188. 12 paintings were selected for awards.  You can view the show here.



(posted on 23 Nov 2018)

I have painted very little over the last several months for a variety of reasons and have found it difficult to get going again.  How do you motivate yourself overcome the inertia that develops? One of the ways that I have tried and found helpful is to take a painting that is "done" that I am not completely satisfied with paint over it - retaining some of the parts of the "old" painting but making it new. For some reasons I find this freeing likely because I feel I have nothing to lose. Below are a couple of paintings that have undergone this transition. 

The first painting has undergone three transitions


Just 2 transitions for the painting below (so far) - you just never know



(posted on 7 Nov 2018)

This painting is in the current show at the FCA Gallery on Granville Island. 

(posted on 12 Sep 2018)

Sometimes I find after looking at a painting, some older and some newer I get the urge to make some revisions. The beauty of painting with acrylics it that it is often possible to make changes to existing paintings. I liked some of the design and the colours in the painting called " The shape of things to Come"  (see below) but felt it called for a bit of a change. In the second photo I have turned the painting around and added a still life that I have tried to integrate into the abstraction. 



(posted on 24 Jul 2018)

Did a couple of new paintings - both painted over old paintings with a small parts of the original paintings showing through. 


(posted on 16 Jul 2018)

I picked up my paintings yesterday from the Ferry Building. What a marvellous venue and great staff. One of the things I will most remember is the feedback I got from visitors both in person and those left in the Guest Comments sheet as well as from the docents and staff. One of the things that made me happy was all the feedback about how the paintings made others feel happy -- what more could an artist want than to get this kind of positive response -- so thank you to everyone, the whole thing was a wonderful experience. 

(posted on 5 Jul 2018)

A photo of the reception - not sure who took this photo but it appeared on the Ferry Building facebook page. 


Had a wonderful reception for the opening of the show on June 26th. The weather was lovely, the installation of the paintings looked great and lots of people showed up -- so I relaxed and had a wonderful time. I was back on Saturday June 30th for "meet the artist" and that is when I took these photo's - missed the paintings at the front of the building so will try to get another photo before the show comes down. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the reception.












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