Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


Linda Bell Website:

The last time I sent out an update from my blog, to those of you on my mailing list, it was November 10, 2020. So many things have happened since then, both on a macro level as well on a more personal level. As I have discussed with my friends it feels like we have all been on a strange and challenging roller coaster ride for the last 14 months.  Spring is here and hope is in the air again.  If I send out another 6 month update in November 2021 my wish for all of us is that things will be somewhat "normalized" by then and that we will again be enjoying some renewed freedoms like connecting more with others and  travelling a bit. 

I am still painting - sort of in "fits and starts".  I am enjoying painting more but continue to find plenty of time to still "goof off".  Despite there being so many challenges in "Covid times" there are some benefits.  So what is  I just "cleaned up " and did some minor reorganization of my website, including a new layout. Let me what you think -- the new layout is on "trial" as I am not sure at this point if it is an improvement. 



On this website of course and in a current online show at the FCA as well as 2 upcoming Events. (Check the EVENTS section for more details)

PRAIRIE GOLD     Mixed Media on Canvas. 36"x48" is currently online ( till the end of May in the 2021 Calendar show 


IN MY PLAYGROUND.   Mixed Media on Canvas. 30" x 36" has been accepted into the FCA Signature Exhibition. This show starts June 28 and ends July 11th. So if you are planning to be on Granville Island this summer go and take a look at whole show -- only Signature members of the FCA can submit to this show.


GIRL ON A SWING.   Mixed Media on Canvas 36"x36" has been accepted into Painting on the Edge at the FCA. This is an International Open Show that attracts alot of different artists. It also runs this summer in the FCA Gallerry from July 12 to August 1. So if you can, check this one out as well.



Well thats all for now - need to quit messing around on my computer and go paint... I hope you enjoy the "altered "website but I am open to feedback. 


Wishing you all a WONDERFUL SUMMER.