Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage

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I found your work through “Art by Wendy”Wendy Mould’s newsletter and was floored! I love your paintings! The warmth in your work so needed in these times, thank you. I would like to take one of your workshops in the future.
Carol-Anne Almquist - 12 Feb 2024
I stumbled upon your website years ago when I was updating some of my own information. I check it every once in a while to see what's new. I love your artistic eye for color and form. Love that we're name twins.
Linda Bell - 9 Aug 2022
Wonderful job on the website Linda. Your art is so inspiring!
Judy Kelly - 11 Jun 2021
Great work and website Linda! I love the detail, lines, colours and variety in your compositions. Also like what you've written about your paintings. Looking forward to the FCA Acrylics in Action show. Heather
Heather MacNeil - 15 Sep 2017
Wonderful work. I'm looking forward to see your show at the Ferry Building. I am especially drawn to your abstract and non-objective work.
Maggie Witzsche - 29 Aug 2016
Hi Linda. I saw you at Opus last year which was a huge surprise, as I try and follow you where ever you go. I will be at the Ferry Building. I too attempt collage and acrylic painting. Can you tell me the weight of the paper you use for making your papers, especially for tearing, with or without medium.
Alison Shepherd - 14 Aug 2016
Love the pair of pears and the wonderfully wonky still lifes. Most excellent inspiration in preparation for a new term of painting. My teacher will be so pleased. If I ever get back to BC, I will look out for demos and classes. Keep up the good work.
Phyllis - 11 Nov 2015
Hi Linda I just wanted to let you know that we are the proud new owners of your winter therapy paining from the Painting by Numbers Gala! We live in White Rock and it has a special spot in our home! Thank you so much! love the collage! Teaching our five kids to notice all the little details!! :-) Les and Rob
Leslie and Rob Brown - 5 Oct 2015
Me too Linda. It was wonderful to meet you at the Alison Watt workshop. I love your work. I hope our paths continue to cross!
Sandi Bojm - 14 Aug 2015
Hi Linda - just back from our wonderful Alison Watt workshop in Gibsons. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending the week together painting. You are truly an inspirational painter. It was lovely to meet you in person. I hope we meet again under similar circumstances. Cheers, Bev Brawley
Bev Brawley - 14 Aug 2015
Hi Linda - I live in Qualicum Beach and belong to the Arrowsmith Chapter of the FCA. I just want to say that I love your work, your sense of colours and your style. Congratulations!
Helene McIntosh - 4 Feb 2015
Good day, i am an IG student, and you just did me a huge favour. I was searching for a mixed media painting to copy for my hw,and your profile geisha caught my attention. And after 3 hours of hard work i have finished it,and i am on my way to submit it along with your biography for my art class. It was a lot of fun to draw it, i love your paintings and even your biography was fun to write. Have a nice day
Eman - 8 Nov 2014
caught up on your web site today.Love the "Cat Nap' picture" and seeing your latest work. Congrats on your awards.
Fran Kain - 8 Nov 2014
I spent the most amazing evening enjoying your lovely art work and catching up on your blog. I'm so grateful to have such a creative and artistic friend.
Marilyn Rainbow - 26 May 2014
I really love your work ! I just discovered it on Pinterest (of course.) I work in mixed media also and I'm inspired by your work.
Lynnda Tenpenny - 22 Mar 2014
What a treasure to visit your website. Didn't know I was rubbing shoulders with such a celebrity on our trip. Absolutely beautiful paintings!
Mary Jo Engelking - 1 Mar 2014
My sister in Tsawwassen introduced me to your work which I find very attractive. Are you by chance related to Alistair Bell, a graphic artist, who I worked with between 1962 and 1964 in Vancouver? Regards, David Stringer
David Stringer - 28 Jan 2014
Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol
Jaiper Feliciano - 6 Jan 2014
Loved seeing your work in Art Avenue - what a fine sense of composition, design. Curious re what paper you use for printing on for collage?
Heather Urquhart - 6 Dec 2013
What a joy it has been visiting your website. Hopeful and lively, your ways of working with papers remind landscapes under the open skies! Expansive! Congratulations!
Maria Davradou - 21 Oct 2013
Linda, I love your still life and Critter gallery. Want to quote the great British sculptor Henry Moore...When one looks at a work of art, one should consider whether it invites exploration and discovery...I say your work does. Well done. Gerda Volz - 4 June 2013
Gerda Volz - 4 Jun 2013
Grant and I really enjoyed the opening to your Spring show on April 14, 2013. The pictures of all the artists were displayed so tastefully and really emphasized the beauty of each piece. Your creativity continues to amaze me. The diversity of subject matter and painting techniques leaves me in awe. What an inspiring and joyful show!
Marilyn Rainbow - 23 Apr 2013
Really enjoying your web page and keeping up to date with your work. Also really enjoying Baby Botswana.
Fran Kain - 11 Apr 2013
I am truly enjoying your new web site Linda. I check it weekly for new work and your paintings are awesome and so unique. I find the titles quite amusing at times. Thanks for including me in your email. Marilyn Gusa-March2013
Marilyn Gusa - 10 Mar 2013
Love your new pictures Linda-and your website displays them very well. Love my tulip pic and get wonderful comments from all my visitors-see you at your Spring Show!
Jane Davis - 2 Feb 2013
You inspire me-beautiful story telling on canvas. Love the addition of your africa experience. The website is super
Susan - 2 Jan 2013
Beautiful work and ever-changing! I look forward to your next show.
Tess Orlando - 2 Jan 2013
It is a wonderful website Linda and your work is brilliant and unique. Will look forward to your show. Congratulations. Pauline
Pauline - 2 Jan 2013
Linda - your work is truly wonderful! It reminds me a little of my favorite Matisses - beautiful colors, patterns, compositions - with such warmth and beauty. Your website is rich with material and showcases your work so well! Awesome. Best of luck with the upcoming show!
Virginia - 2 Jan 2013
fabulous linda. just dynamite. thanks for including me in your mailings.
gwen kirkpatrick - 2 Jan 2013
A nice website Linda. I enjoyed the blog and look forward to some more comments from you. The evolution of the zebra painting was awesome, as well as the African woman. Splendid work!
Marilyn Rainbow - 1 Jan 2013
Absolutely wonderful work Linda !! You are really branching out and expanding your talents. Best of luck, and I look forward to attending another of your shows in the near future.
Maureen Wood - 1 Jan 2013
Wonderful site Linda! Well done and congratulations. All the best for 2013!
Valerie - 1 Jan 2013
Nice work mom! It looks great!
Lisa Bell - 13 Dec 2012
Why did Barbara Greenlaw keep you a secret from me????? Your work is amazing. Can not wait to view it in real life. ***ethlee
ethlee - 12 Dec 2012
I have watched your art and artistry grow and evolve over the past 12 years. It is truly amazing and beautiful!
Judy Kelly - 10 Dec 2012
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