Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


(posted on 18 May 2020)

When I checked my blog I realized I had not entered anything since the beginning of this year -- it has been an unusual year to say the least. Hope you are all safe and well. 

In February I went to San Miguel de Allende with a friend -- I have added a few photos - including the one of the Rooster that crowed all night next to the place we were staying. Very colourful and charming place and I was even able to navigate the killer cobblestone streets. 



On return I had developed a bad cold so got little in the way of paintings done -- then I went off to Phoenix to visit a friend the 2nd week in March. That was the week that things turned upside down and I returned to Canada on the 14th and went into self isolation and as we all now know everything changed and we are in this strange new world. I have included a photo of one of my favourite places in Phoenix called the Hermosa Inn. 

In March and April I only got one painting done -- did it for the social distancing show at the FCA. In talking to some of my artist friends I am finding I am not the only one that has found it difficult to focus and get any paintings done in this period.  The painting I did during this time is called Just Breathe - named that because another artist said it gave her a sense of calm and a feeling of space to breathe. 

Now it is May and things are looking better particularly here in BC. How lucky we are to live in this province and in this country. Spring is here (with lots of rain) the flowers are out and hope is in the air. I decided to take an online abstract painting course this month to try to kick start me to pick up a brush again. It is working. I am doing different exercises and starting to get  inspired again. Today I took most of the day to catch up and do a few paintings...... I have included them just for fun. 

The first one is an exercise to do with focus on edges including using the outside edges of the canvas.

The Second one is an exercise using a design I was not familiar with (called steelyard?) - basically an L shaped design ( in this case a reverse L ) They were fun and "thats what it is all about"  


As said I hope you are all well and safe and looking forward - we don't know how our world is going to continue to change but I am optimistic that good things will come out of this difficult time..... and to my artist friends wishing you find the joy again -- just paint, make messes, try some new things and enjoy yourself! 

Obviously I have no art shows or demos/workshops planned for the next while. I still enter some online shows at the Federation of Canadian Artists from time to time.  They still have a full schedule of exhibitions that you can view online at and most paintings are available for sale -- check it out. I have done some jurying for the FCA and will be one of the Jurors for the OASIS Exhibition coming up in the Okanagan in June. Otherwise I will be painting, having a glass of wine (or 2 and perhaps a margarita) on my Patio and social distancing with my friends. Have a good summer! 

Thats all for now!