Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


(posted on 23 Nov 2021)

As I sat down to start my biannual blog update, I also had the tv on to watch Dr. Bonnie Henry provide information on the planned roll out of vaccines to children 5  to 11 years old. She started by recognizing the many challenges, in addition to the pandemic, that we in BC have faced over these last 6 months including extreme heat, wild forest fires and most recently floods, mudslides and disruption to our transportation routes and supply chains. I had just been reflecting on my last post in May of this year in which I had stated my hope and wish that when I did this November 2021 blog, things would be more “normalized.” Who knew what was in store for us. We are all now familiar with words we could not have recognized or imagined several years ago, such as Covid 19, Heat Dome, Supply chain Disruption and now Atmospheric rivers. It is becoming hard to know what to say anymore about the difficulties we have all faced, with some people and communities feeling the brunt more than others. The good news is the miracle of the vaccines. I also belief we have been fortunate to have had excellent leadership in this province during these difficult times. I am happy to know that my lovely granddaughter will  receive the protection of the vaccine sometime in the next 2 months.

I am still painting and at this point only submitting work to shows at the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists).  I have received 3 Honourable Mention Awards this year which is encouraging.  (see 3 images below)


OMG (Is she losing her mind).        Girl on a Swing.                               Feeling at 6's and 7's 

Last week I headed into my studio during a couple of dark and very wet days. I started with messing with a bunch of abstract shapes on canvas. The painting got more and more crazy but flowers seemed to be emerging in all that chaos. It took me a couple of days and a lot of painting over different parts to bring some semblance of order to it.  It is called "Flowers gone Wild" and is 30” x 40”.  The painting is very colourful which is perhaps a reaction to all the darkness outside. 


It is early but I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a good holiday season and best wishes for all of us in 2022.