Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage

OMG (Is she losing her mind?)

Mixed Media on Canvas 36"x36" NOW Show 2021. Honourable Mention Award

This painting came as a surprise as I was working over an older painting with a large brush and I missed a spot that showed a pair of eyes looking out. I started it in mid August just as we were all realizing that things were not looking good and we were heading into our 4th Covid wave. So much has been said about these “unprecedented” times and the impact on our mental health. I have had a number of conversations with people who quietly admit to some anxiety and worry about their cognitive status and how they are “forgetting stuff.” While we really don’t know how all of this is affecting our emotional and mental states, I really don’t believe we are “losing our minds”. I expect it is more likely that we are preoccupied and responding appropriately to an overwhelming amount of negative news and the challenging situation we have found ourselves in. Strangely as I painted I kept picking bright cheerful colours, which perhaps is indicative of my hope for better times ahead.