Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


(posted on 18 Nov 2019)

As I have said before (see older posts) in this blog I have found it freeing to paint over other paintings. Sometimes after painting something new I let the painting sit for awhile and if not satisfied I go back into it and try again. Other paintings I have had around for awhile, sometimes for years and there may be parts of the painting I like but I put it aside for awhile and then pick it up and try something new. 

The first in each set below one is the latest painting 

There is not much in left in the original painting that you can see in the new painting called Bodacious Bottles but some small  parts especially on the right side and in the bottles still remain. 


The thing that I liked in the old painting below was the checkerboard pattern and so I kept that and changed up most of the rest but there are still other parts of the old painting showing through. 

The new painting is titled "Take a Chance on Me"