Linda Bell  
Mixed Media and Collage


(posted on 9 Oct 2019)

I just got back from Paris and thought I would share just a few of the photos I took. 


Sainte Chapelle - absolutely stunning structure built in the 13th century by Louis 1X. Constructed between 1242 and 1248. Beautiful during the day and at night. 

Notre Dame Restoration - taken from the left bank. (Fire occurred in April 2019) 



The Lady and theUnicorn Tapestry (one of 5) at the Cluny Museum. Believed to have been done around 1480.  The colours and details are incredible. 

Paris Opera House Ceiling - Amazing ornate building - the ceiling painting was done by Chagell. 



Musee d'Orsay --- Loved loved this Museum. We concentrated on the Impressionists and post impressionists. It is a wonderful place - everywhere you look famous paintings you can walk right up to. The second painting is a van Gogh -- Bedroom in Arles - and I am standing in front of one of my favourite paintings by Cezanne. I don't look very happy in the photo but believe me I was thrilled. Wish we had more time and stamina - it was terrific.